Ecosystem 7 Update:

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Talent Tech Labs has released the most up-to-date version of the Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem, Version 7. The Ecosystem covers technologies within the 4 stages: Source, Engage, Select and Hire. 

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The Source Stage expanded the most within this update as a new vertical, Peer to Peer Recruitment, was released. New sub-verticals, Shared Talent Networks and Programmatic Advertising also emerge in Ecosystem 7.

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The Engage Stage welcomes a new sub-vertical, Bots,  used to screen, engage and update candidates within the hiring process. Brand Creation and Brand Management also make a split into new sub-verticals.

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The Select Stage sees a rise in game-based behavioral assessments as well as a more advanced Matching Systems sub-vertical. Artificial Intelligence continues to be a key driver in this stage.

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The Hire Stage has the least changes, but we've seen some interesting innovation in the Analytics sub-vertical. We believe this area is ripe for disruption and expect to see more activity within it in the near future.